About Us

The Wild Spirit Project will be a space for learning about and experimenting with a lifestyle that focuses on the most important things: living joyfully and in harmony with our planet and all its inhabitants. The idea is not to isolate ourselves from the outside world, but much rather to invite everyone who is interested to come visit us, contribute ideas and sweat, and share their knowledge! The Wild Spirit Project will be a center for teaching, learning, festivals and activism – a ground for all of us to create the more beautiful world we know is possible. Some of our main activities will include:

  • Natural building, permaculture techniques and animal systems that will make the the Wild Spirit Project self-sufficient, ecologically sustainable, and beautiful (see our projects page).
  • We will be offering workshops and events around topics like permaculture, natural building, and nonviolent communication. Besides, we will host and organise festivals (see our events page).
  • We are planning to invite people from all social backgrounds to stay with us in a donation-based lodge and get to know the joys of a way of living in touch with the earth (see our lodge page).

We have adopted permaculture’s three cornerstones as our leading principles: earthcare, peoplecare, fairshare. In more academic terms you could call these principles ecological sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability. This is how we will implement them at the Wild Spirit Project:

Our Principles

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Permaculture is an ecological design system that models nature’s patterns, enabling incredible yields while building (rather than loosing) soil at the same time. This is achieved through the planting of resilient food production systems modelled on natural systems. Deliberate growing, grazing, water-collection, and systems allow us to cycle nutrients back to the soil. To find out more about permaculture visit our blog thepermaculturecollective.com.

Sustainable Buildings

All our buildings will be built from natural and recycled materials. Using materials such as straw, cob, wood, and lime (rather than steel and cement) allows the construction of buildings with no harm to the environment. They can be realised at a fraction of the cost of conventional buildings and are even fare better in terms of durability and insulation. Simon Dale's "Hobbit Houses" in England are an inspiration which we would like to tap into: beingsomewhere.net

Recycling materials

We will use second-hand and scrap materials wherever possible in order to reduce waste as much as possible. The Wild Spirit Project will be a "disposable-plastic free zone" to keep the land free of toxins and non-recyclable waste.

Seed Saving

With the pressing problem of homogenisation and patenting of seeds and the inherent and shocking decline in variety and biodiversity of plants, we see the cultivation and perpetuation of our own seed library as a fundamental aspect of earth care. This includes sharing and receiving seeds with other seed-savers to become part of a larger movement.

Animal Husbandry

As animals are integral to any functioning ecological system, we will incorporate a range of animals in our project. Animals can be an enormous help in ecosystem regeneration and we will put them to different uses such as preparation of the soil, pest control, and food production. It goes without saying that we will ensure that animals living with us enjoy their lives as much as we enjoy ours and are not treated as commodities!

Closed Cycles

We aim to close as many cycles as we can. This includes installing grey water systems, compost toilets, a biodigester, smallscale ethanol production for fuel, and worm and chicken compost systems.