The lodge will be an integral part of the Wild Spirit Project, as it will make our project accessible to everyone who is interested. To make our guests’ stay with us as pleasant as can be, we will offer a variety of different sleeping possibilities at the Wild Spirit Project including comfortable yurts, simple dorm rooms, and a camping ground.

Comfortable Yurts

We will build yurts and furnish them comfortably with a large bed and a wood-fired stove. An ideal accomodation for couples, small families, or those who prefer more privacy and comfort.
Suggested amount: €X (per yurt / night).

Dorm Rooms

We will offer comfortable dorm rooms (probably 6 beds per room) for low-budget travelers, larger families and groups.
Suggested amount: €X (per bed / night).

Camping Ground

For the campers among you there will of course be a camping ground, equipped with sanitation, a space to store your stuff, and some power outlets for your electronic toys.
Suggested amount: €X (per tent / night).