Dear Friends,

we, that is to say Valentin, Charlotte, and Jan, are proud to announce that we are launching the first stage of the Wild Spirit Project!

In short this means that we will acquire some land, live on the land and establish a space for learning about and experimenting with natural living. The idea, however, is not to isolate ourselves but much rather to invite everyone who is interested to come visit us, contribute ideas and sweat, and share their knowledge! The Wild Spirit Project will therefore also be a center for teaching, learning, festivals and activism – a ground for all of us to create the more beautiful world we know is possible. Some of our main activities will include:

  • Natural building and permaculture techniques that will make the the Wild Spirit Project self-sufficient, ecologically sustainable, and beautiful.
  • We will be offering workshops and events around topics like permaculture and natural building. Besides, we will host and organise festivals.
  • We invite people from all social backgrounds to stay with us in a donation-based lodge and get to know the joys of a way of living that may seem odd at first to most of us city-dwellers.

We are still looking for 5-10 ha of land in the Southern parts of Europe. We would like to be close enough to Germany, while enjoying the benefits of a Mediterranean climate and laxer building regulations. We are very open for other locations as well, though, should a beautiful piece of land present itself! If you know someone who has some land for sale, trade, or give away please do let us know!

To finance this project we are currently looking for ways to get a hold of enough money to buy the land and equipment. Part of the plan is to further work on our own savings. Also, we are currently looking into possibilities to get funding from the EU, something that we know is possible and has worked with similar projects. Finally, we will launch a crowd-sourcing campaign as soon as we have found the land.

Once the project is running, we will mainly finance ourselves through giving workshops, by hosting people in our donation-based lodge, and by selling produce from our land.

This is all there is for now. We are happy to get your feedback, ideas, suggestions and whatever you think might be helpful – Just write to this email address! To find out more about our current projects check out our blog:

You can follow the development of the Wild Spirit Project on our website

We hope all is well for you, you’re doing fine and feeling good!

Best wishes,
Valentin, Charlotte, and Jan