Strawbale roundhouses are houses that mainly rely on a round (usually wooden) structure and strawbales as building materials. There are many different designs and ways to construct a strawbale roundhouse, but the ones we will build rely on 12 vertically erected roundwood beams that form a circle or ellipse and another 12 beams that form a reciprocal roof. From this inner circle more wooden beams extend in all directions onto more vertical beams that are positioned outside of the inner circle. With this method houses with a base area of up to 100 sqm. can be built. The roof beams are then covered with slats and thereafter with a layer of strawbales (for insulation). A thick sheet of pond liner is spread over the entire roof, tucked in on the sides, and then fully covered with turf. The outer walls can then be erected with a dry stone wall as base and strawbales that are stacked like bricks on top of the stone wall base as main building material. Window-and door frames are simply built in between the strawbales. The strawbale walls are then plastered with cob and a final layer of lime. Inner walls can be built later and should be made from cob-bricks for thermal mass. The foundation is a simple french drain underneath the dry stone wall that encircles the entire building and a thick layer of gravel covers the entire base area. On top pallets are laid out, topped off with a layer of strawbales and then simply covered with floorboards. Following this technique, Simon Dale has built some very beautiful strawbale roundhouses in Wales (England) for very little money (less than €5000 per house) and in a very short time.