Yurts are portable, round tents consisting of a wooden frame and a waterproof cover that is traditionally made from felt or animal skin. Yurts have been the dwelling of choice of nomads in Central Asia for thousands of years and are still widely used in Mongolia. What makes yurts a compelling home is that they are very cheap and easy to construct (2 weeks of time and a bunch of scrap wood and fabric is all you need), extremely durable due to their structure, and absolutely mobile (can be taken down and re-erected within an hours time).

These properties make yurts an excellent temporary dwelling for us when we first move to the land. With a comfortable yurt as a base we can then go on observing the land, drawing up maps and plans, and construct more permanent buildings (see strawbale roundhouses). Later on, the yurts can be used as comfortable rooms as part of our hostel.